Helena’s Scribe

For middle grade readers

Word Count: 46,000

Helena's Scribe temporary book cover


What if having a front row seat to history meant actually being in that seat, taking notes as a scribe? Raphael, a 12-year-old aspiring actor, does just that as she uses a riddle and magical pendant that takes her back to the fourth century. Here she is appointed the Empress Lady Helena’s chief scribe. Now part of the royal court’s inner circle, she becomes intertwined with the Emperor’s scheme to unite his people.

The fourth century was a pivotal time in history. Emperor Constantine the Great faced an enormous challenge of converting the Roman Empire to Christianity ─not an easy task given most citizens were deeply immersed in mystery religions and pagan worship. Many books explore the historical, whimsical and sometimes cruel ways of Emperor Constantine, yet barely a word is written about the person many believe to be truly behind the Roman Empire’s fourth century transformation ─ his mother, Empress Lady Helena.

“Helen’s Scribe” is a time travel adventure that blends history with sometimes amusing, other times dangerous, inner court politics. But Raphael prevails. From Poseidon, to Zeus and even the Goddess Venus, Raphael comes up with a plan that can bring the religions together and help the Emperor unite his people. But first she must outsmart those secretly scheming against it. And that means figuring out how to save Lady Helena, even though her own life may be in danger.

“Helena’s Scribe” is an educational and epic tale suitable for grades four/ five and up.


Manuscript complete. Word count 46,000. “Helena’s Scribe” is the sequel to Raphael’s Riddle and can also be a stand-alone novel. Agents or publishers can contact Karen directly for sample chapters.