Canadian Review of Materials

Reviewer: Aileen Wortley is a retired children’s librarian from Toronto, Ontario.

Attribution: Canadian Review of Materials


“You want me to go back on deck? said Sadie, her face flushed. “Are you trying to get us killed?

“I’m trying to save whatever this is. But no,” said Alistair, softening. “Not on deck. There must be something on this level.”

Alistair and Sadie both looked down at the creature, whose eyes were now closed. Sadie was chewing her lips, her hands on her hips. Alistair knew he had put his friends in an impossible situation and his head was spinning. This was not the treasure he had imagined they would find stored in the belly of the ship.

“Mer-mer-mer…” Ben stammered from across the threshold.

“ Ben, spit it out. What are you trying to say?” said Sadie, taking a step toward him.

“Merpeople!’ Said Ben, his face flushed. “It’s one of those merpeople. I’ve heard grown-ups talk in the store when they don’t think I am listening. They say there are stories of half-people, half-fish. They lived long ago near the shoals around the island. Fishers would spot them sunning themselves.” He licked his lips and his next words came out like a squeak. “They say their song will sink a ship.”