School Visits

Karen smiles amongst school children who hold up copies of Raphael's Riddle

Would your school like Karen to visit?

Karen will do a reading from Raphael’s Riddle and discuss how she researched the book, including pictures of her travels to Turkey where the real fourth century St. Nicholas lived. Karen also likes to show the aspiring artists in the room how the book cover design evolved, and enjoys answering questions throughout her talk.

Karen charges the standard Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia rate of $150 for two sessions of 45-55 minutes each, plus 35 cents per kilometer travel. She prefers to stay within the HRM boundaries in winter, and enjoys visiting rural schools in the Spring and Fall.

Students in grades 5-6 tend to most enjoy a discussion on Raphael’s Riddle. Karen’s ideal class size is 30 students or less with a teacher in attendance. The sessions are more useful, and more fun, if the teacher has read part of the book beforehand. Books can be bought at a reduced cost directly through Karen. A portion of all book sales goes to Breakfast for Learning.